Vigilance key in maintaining alcohol-free workplace

Vigilance key in maintaining alcohol-free workplace

Supervisors have many responsibilities in maintaining safe and productive workplaces. One of the most important involves identifying potential workplace alcohol use.

Hard to spot

Alcohol abuse affects nearly 14 million Americans, making it the most abused drug in the country. And it can go unnoticed. Employers can go for years without knowing an employee has a problem.

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The lack of awareness comes at a high price, in the form of increased workplace absences and accidents along with accompanying higher health care premiums. It’s good business for companies to have highly trained supervisors who can observe and document signs of workplace substance use, confirm these indicators and, if necessary, discuss the situation with the employee. The process can include testing and follow-up assistance services.

Detection benefits

Identification and potential confrontation about employee alcohol use and abuse can be delicate as its use is legal outside the workplace. However, detecting improper use inside the workplace and taking action is how workplaces stay drug and alcohol free — and safer and more productive as a result.

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