Todd Kolb brings pro experience to Sanford Health golf

We really focus on developing them as a player versus a one-and-done lesson.

Todd Kolb speaking at an event

The Sanford POWER Golf Academy, which helps golfers of all ages and skill levels with various aspects of their game, has added to its diverse team with the recent hiring of renowned PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb and his staff.

Kolb has been operating in the Sioux Falls region for more than 20 years, primarily focused on developing junior players.

But some of those top prospects have turned into pros -– including LPGA Tour star Kim Kaufman — so Kolb works with wide array of athletes.

He’ll continue to be based at Willow Run Golf Course in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but will have additional touches at the Sanford Sports Complex –- future home of Great Shots, a golf and entertainment venue set to open in late 2019.

Here’s more of what Kolb envisions in the short-term and the long-term.

For those who haven’t worked with you, what’s the core of your program?

The core of the program is based on long-term development. So we really focus on developing them as a player versus a one-and-done lesson. All of our programming is structured typically on a monthly basis, and can include everything from standard golf instruction to fitness and wellness or playing in a tournament and practicing. It’s about developing them as a player –- whether a junior or an adult.

You’ve typically focused on junior players. Does this move open the door for you to work with adult golfers?

It’s one of the things that’s really exciting about being on board with Sanford -– it provides us with a lot more resources as an entire academy. That’s going to allow us to dive into some new areas. One of those big areas will be adults. Maybe adults that have played a lot of golf and maybe some that have never played golf. It also allows us to dive into more specific group training — maybe something for executives or nurses, or people who want to come out with a family member. The additional resources will expand our offerings and make training more accessible for the entire golf community.

You are big into the “we” aspect of your team. That includes fellow PGA teaching pros Sam Vosler –- also the director of golf at the University of Sioux Falls -– and Tyler Prins, in addition to what the Sanford POWER Golf Academy already had in place with movement experts, strength and conditioning coaches and sports science. What are your thoughts on the comprehensive team?

It really allows us to take a golfer from A to Z. Now we can not only do some research but we can learn some things about the golf swing and training. We can have an expert in performance biomechanics do an evaluation on how they can move and tie that together with the skill instruction –- to cover all components of the things that are required to really improve. We’re super excited. I’d be hard-pressed to find something like this anywhere in the country where you have all of those experts in all these areas working as a team to benefit the golfer.

Meet Todd Kolb

The public can meet Todd Kolb and the rest of the Sanford POWER Golf Academy from Sept. 19-23 during the Sanford International at Minnehaha Country Club. The academy will have a tent featuring live demos near the driving range.

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