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Pandemic has increased demand for home based services

Home health services can help you stay safe at home longer

Pandemic has increased demand for home based services

Home health care services from the Good Samaritan Society include skilled care, hospice care and help with household and personal care, such as grocery shopping, meal preparation and light housekeeping.

COVID-19 has made these services even more important. If you need rehab therapy or assistance getting groceries or other essentials, but don’t feel safe leaving your home, consider home based services.

We follow CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment when providing care to keep our clients and caregivers safe.

Older adults and people of any age with existing health conditions are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Julie Smith, director of Home and Community Based Services nursing at the Good Samaritan Society, said home care is one way to stay safe at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s so important for everyone, but especially those groups of people to limit their exposures,” she said. “So even for non-medical services, if they want to avoid going out and having those exposures with the public, things like grocery shopping, and some of those things can really help them limit those points. And then again, the health care needs that they have in their home don’t go away during a pandemic.”

Benefits of home health

Home health services are beneficial to those with underlying health conditions and more seniors on Medicare are eligible. Other benefits of home health include:

  • Safety: Our top priority during the pandemic is keeping clients and caregivers safe while providing needed services.
  • Help for families: At-risk clients are vulnerable during the pandemic. Home based care offers a wide variety of services you can receive in your own home — basic care, skilled care and end-of-life services.
  • COVID-19 eligibility: Changes in federal and state waivers are allowing more seniors on Medicare to become eligible for home health care.
  • Caring staff: Home health caregivers have a heart for their clients and it shows in the relationships they form.
  • Social connection: Isolation is a serious risk for seniors during the pandemic. Home health caregivers play a valuable role in providing a social connection while helping limit exposure to COVID-19.

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