Knee replacement options: Surgeons can help you decide

Are your knees swelling, stiff, or crunching? Explore your choices for pain relief

Knee replacement options: Surgeons can help you decide

Although knee pain can result from past injury or overuse, many older adults develop painful conditions, such as arthritis, from the gradual wear and tear that comes from aging.

Symptoms can include swelling, stiffness, a crunching noise or being unable to straighten the knee fully. Knee pain can range from mildly irritating to very painful when bearing weight or doing certain activities.

When should patients consider a total joint replacement?

When knee pain begins to affect daily living, it’s time to explore options for relief. Conservative options for treatment can include medication, physical therapy and lifestyle changes.

When joints become weak or damaged and cause persistent pain, it may be time to consider surgery to replace them with artificial parts. For many patients, robotic-assisted surgery may be available as a solution.

What is the ROSA Knee System?

The Robotic Surgical Assistant (ROSA) Knee System gives specially trained surgeons advanced technology to personalize the approach to total knee replacement. This robotic technology uses data collected before and during surgery to inform the surgeon of details related to a patient’s anatomy that may affect implant fit.

By using the ROSA Knee System to control and move surgical instruments, orthopedic surgeons can perform more precise knee replacements.

How does the ROSA Knee System improve surgery?

Features of this new technology include assistance with removing damaged joints and evaluating the soft tissues surrounding the bones and joints.

This helps with more optimal positioning of artificial joints, improving safety and reducing injury risk to nearby tissue. After surgery, patients may also experience less discomfort.

What are the benefits of the ROSA Knee System?

The ROSA Knee System gives patients a less invasive surgery option. More precise knee replacements often result in smaller incisions and less scarring, along with a more natural feeling following surgery.

Patients may also have a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery, allowing them to return to daily routines more quickly. With the ROSA Knee System, there is also potential for better long-term knee function.

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