Sanford leaders join conversations with top health systems

The future of health care theme guides the 13th annual Becker’s event

Sanford leaders join conversations with top health systems

The future of health care – including digital transformation in rural areas, physician recruitment and retention strategies, patient engagement practices and how to set nurses up for success – were the key themes Sanford Health leaders discussed during a series of fireside chats, panels and roundtable discussions at the 13th annual Becker’s Meeting.

During the four-day conference in Chicago, Sanford Health News caught up with each leader to recap their respective panels and topics in addition to conversations they’re having with other health experts in their fields.

Corporate leaders in attendance included:

“It was a great opportunity to talk about the challenges and opportunities we’re facing in health care,” Gassen said. Gassen led a semi-keynote panel Tuesday to discuss Sanford Health’s system priorities, navigating current headwinds in the health care industry and reimagining how health care is delivered.

“As we’ve continued to navigate these ever-changing times – since 2020 when I had the privilege to begin serving in this role until today and into the future – it’s using that as our guiding light and how we can continue to improve, how can we do a better job and meet every patient where they are while ensuring they have access to world class care.”

Among the top health systems in the country represented, Sanford’s virtual care initiatives will uniquely position the organization to provide better care access in its 250,000 square mile footprint.

“The investment we are making in virtual care right now allows us to do a better job of reaching every patient to ensure one ZIP code does not limit the care they receive,” Gassen said.

“In order for us to make good on our mission, we have to ensure all ships rise.”

Sanford Health Plan President John Snyder and Emily Griese, Ph.D., chief operating and population health officer, were also participants at the event.

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