Sanford Children’s Clinic Belize receives community support

New funding by the Belize Healthcare Charitable Trust (BHCT) is accelerating building plans for Sanford Children’s Clinic in Belize City, Belize. The BHCT has signed an agreement which donates $2 million Belize dollars ($1 million U.S.) for the construction of the clinic. To develop the clinic, Sanford Health will also partner with Belize Healthcare Partners Limited. The full-service hospital located in Belize City, Belize is donating land near its facility for the new Sanford Children’s Clinic.

Philip Osborne, on behalf of the Belize Healthcare Charitable Trust, commented, “A full-time pediatric clinic is a first for Belize. It represents a great leap forward in the provision of child healthcare for this country. We are happy to partner with Sanford World Clinics and Belize Healthcare Partners to ensure the construction and operation of a facility that will provide world class medical treatment for Belize’s children, reducing the need for them to be flown abroad, while at the same time providing valuable training and experience for Belize’s own medical personnel in the field of pediatrics.”

“Sanford Health is extremely pleased to partner with these organizations in order to move this project forward and expand children’s healthcare in Belize,” said Ruth Krystopolski, Sanford Health Executive Vice President, Growth and Development. “Sanford Children’s providers in Belize will provide the highest level of care possible to children and together, we can improve the health of children in the country.”

In addition to the BHCT and Belize Healthcare Partners Limited, Sanford continues to work with the Government of Belize as well as a variety of other individuals and organizations in development and on-going operations of Sanford Children’s Clinic in Belize. This new Sanford Children’s Clinic will provide pediatric care and be designed in a castle theme similar to other Sanford Children’s facilities. The clinic location was announced in 2009. Groundbreaking of the clinic site is planned for this spring with an expected opening in 2011. It is the second Sanford Children’s World Clinic announced by Sanford Health as part of initiatives outlined after a $400 million donation from Denny Sanford in 2007.

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