Nurse navigator: Cancer survivors don’t walk alone

Nurse navigator: Cancer survivors don’t walk alone

I like to walk the roads near my home. I enjoy the beauties of the outdoors and the chance for silence and listening to myself. As I walk, I find myself being careful not to step where others have left their footprint.

I wondered why I felt this was important. Mulling this over, I concluded it was my way of honoring their path. I felt that if I walked right in their footsteps, I would somehow disturb their story.

I wondered who it was that walked before me and what was written in their story. I discovered that I felt I was walking alongside them. We traveled the same road, but not the exact footsteps.

I have this same feeling as a nurse navigator. I am not in their shoes, or walking in their steps, but I hope, as I walk beside, it will make the path a bit more pleasant.

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