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Little boy named Cruz in hospital bed after stroke surgery

Strokes: 5 surprising facts about who’s at risk

Knowing what to do can save a life.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 8 min read
Stroke survivor Mark Lester

Stroke or seizure? It can be a fine line between the two

'Stroke has a lot of mimics.'
Pat Miller Pat Miller 13 min read
Dr. Rory Farnan getting some winter exercise on the ski slope

Start slowly when beginning winter activities

From the ski slope to the ice fishing pond, there is an activity for everyone.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 10 min read
Olivia Johnson checks her smartphone

Smartphone impacts on teenager: Positive and negative

“Sometimes kids can’t make the clarification between what is real and what isn’t real."
Pat Miller Pat Miller 8 min read
Janna Wiele, Sanford Bemidji professional on the crisis intervention team.

Mental health crisis: Therapist earns sheriff’s gratitude

"Each call is different, making the work we do both challenging and rewarding."
Pat Miller Pat Miller 8 min read
Fall leaves

Yard work in fall and winter can be hazardous

Heat and cold, when combined with exertion, can overload the heart, so paying attention to what the body is saying is crucial.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 10 min read
Tonya Onstad where she helps babies learn tummy time

Tummy time reduces infant flat head and other ailments

Changing how the baby breathes, or just imparting sensations to different parts of the body can make a huge difference.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 11 min read
Dr. Skogerboe while bird hunting

Bird hunting on land and water can be hazardous

'Nothing will kill a hunting trip quicker than going to the emergency room with a heart attack.'
Pat Miller Pat Miller 12 min read
Wojo's Rodeo pink guitar

Wojo’s Rodeo teams with Edith Sanford Cancer Center

Pink-clad Minnesota event raises money to help women screen for breast cancer.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 11 min read
Matt and Bonnie Puro and his cracked helmet

Bicycling injuries leave man thankful for care

'I consider myself in the lucky to be moving department.'
Pat Miller Pat Miller 9 min read
Dr. Jasmine Kamboj of Sanford Health in Bemidji, Minnesota

Physician doing clinical trials in smaller, rural setting

"We are comparing a small site to a relatively bigger site to see how we are doing. ... And we are doing well."
Pat Miller Pat Miller 8 min read
A doctor prepares for a caesarean section at Sanford Bemidji C-suite

C-section suite at Sanford Bemidji keeps families together

"Instead of splitting up, the new operating room will allow for the recovery of mom and the baby together.”
Pat Miller Pat Miller 6 min read
Paul Nelson working with his rehab team at ARU.

Flesh-eating illness strikes Minnesota man

The support of family and friends often can help turn the tide when a patient is facing a life-threatening situation. Paul Nelson of Fosston, Minnesota, and his wife, Liza, had such support in the spring of 2016 when Paul was stricken with necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease) that was consuming the muscles and tissues of his […]
Pat Miller Pat Miller 18 min read
young athlete working with trainer

Athletic trainers engage and challenge

“I want them to be able to enjoy life after high school."
Pat Miller Pat Miller 8 min read