85-year-old returns to beloved community after serious fall

Good Samaritan Society location includes full spectrum of senior care

85-year-old returns to beloved community after serious fall

Back on his feet after a serious fall, 85-year-old Chuck Stowers is stepping out of The Villa, an assisted living building, at Good Samaritan Society – Hastings in Nebraska.

“I woke up one time and I was laying flat on the floor in my apartment,” Stowers says. “I could not even move my hands or anything.”

The scary scene took him away from the senior living community he loves to the hospital.

“The guy looks in the CAT scan and says you’ve got nothing up there,” Stowers jokes. “I said, ‘You’re right. If I had anything up there, I wouldn’t have fallen down.’”

That positive attitude got him through rehab, resulting in a return here to the Society’s assisted living center.

“This place is remarkable,” Stowers says. “They have some really good people and I enjoy it very much.”

‘We have it all here’

Stowers has been a Society resident for 24 years, recently moving from independent housing to The Villa.

“It’s just like your little community, your own town, your own little special place,” Vanetta Bauman, LPN, says.

Bauman works at The Villa and has served the Society for 43 years. In Hastings, the organization features a full continuum of care.

“The nursing home, the rehab unit, we have it all here,” Bauman says.

She’s stayed because of the people.

“Taking care of the residents. Getting to know them, love them,” Bauman says about her calling.

“Living here at The Villa is a step up from independent living but you have your own apartments. You can still be independent. You can come and go as you please. We provide three meals a day. We do bathing assist if needed.”

Apartment cleaning as well as medication and laundry help are also options for residents.

‘Wonderful place to be’

That hands-on effort means a lot to someone like Stowers who’s trying to stay as active as possible.

“Pretty nice person,” Stowers says about Bauman, tearing up. “All of them do that. It makes me feel good.”

It’s part of the Society’s mission.

“Because in Christ’s love, everyone is someone,” Bauman says. “Maybe someday I’ll be living here.”

Stowers adds, “my favorite part is the fact they have so many things going.”

Endless activities bring ways for residents and staff to live with purpose.

“It sure is home, isn’t it? And it’s a wonderful place to be,” Bauman says.

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