Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency’s first graduate

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency’s first graduate

This past summer, Kaylee Miller, DPM, became the first resident to graduate from Sanford Health’s Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency program in Fargo.

She grew up in North Dakota and completed her undergrad at North Dakota State University. She went on to receive her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Kent University of Podiatry Medicine in Cleveland before returning to Fargo to complete her residency. Dr. Miller finished her residency at Sanford Southpointe and South University in Fargo.

In addition to podiatry, students of this program have access to a variety of orthopedic surgical cases, trauma and total replacement surgeries. The podiatry residency program was established in 2014.

“I feel very proud to be the first Sanford Hospital residency graduate for this program. Being the ‘first’ came with a few challenges, but overall I think it only made me strive to work harder. There was no one to compare me to, so I was setting the bar. I was also able to help mold the program along the way for future residents. Now that I am out on my own, I can see that my training at Sanford gave me all the tools to be successful in my practice. I am very grateful for my experience at Sanford and the opportunity to be the first graduate,” said Dr. Miller.

She now practices at the Sanford Health Broadway Clinic at 1527 Broadway St., Alexandria location and specializes in podiatry and is accepting new patients.

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