Sanford announces new Moorhead Clinic

Sanford Health is planning a new facility and major expansion in Moorhead which will significantly increase medical services for community members.

The new clinic will be located on 24.5 acres adjacent to the new I-94 and the 34th Street interchange on the south side of Horizon Shores. This site will be convenient for patients, as it is located at the convergence of five major roadways in Clay County.

“The clinic will be uniquely Moorhead in terms of scale and design and will offer an architectural gateway to the community from the east,” says Bruce Pitts, MD, president, Sanford Clinic. “We are working closely with leaders from the city of Moorhead, Clay County, and our local patients to ensure we are building a facility that will provide a wide range of services to the area for years to come.”

The clinic is in the early planning stages, which involves surveying patients at Sanford’s current Moorhead clinic to better understand what types of services, facility amenities, hours and other factors will be most beneficial. No time table for construction has been set, but the facility is expected to be completed in the next few years. Sanford will likely add services and specialties to meet the changing needs of Moorhead and the growth of the surrounding communities.

Sanford is working closely with the city of Moorhead on its vision for a healthy, active community and continues to partner with Mike Redlinger and other city and county leaders to ensure that the services offered best meet the community’s and patient’s needs.

Sanford has a long-standing commitment to Moorhead. It opened its first clinic in 1985 and currently has three facilities in Moorhead, including a clinic, FastTrack and pharmacy. Sanford’s current clinic on 8th Street is 16,700 square feet, has 26,000 patient visits annually, nine providers and more than 40 employees.

Sanford chose the southeast area of Moorhead because it is the fastest growing part of town, with a growth rate of 31 percent over the last 10 years and a 12 percent future growth rate expected. The city also has plans for major developments in that area, and a new clinic will help to stimulate that growth. Moorhead is home to about 40,000 people and Clay County has nearly 60,000.

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