Revive: Survivors gather at breast cancer retreat

"This retreat is a great way for me to connect with people that know exactly what I am going through"

By: Megan Quandt .

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Sanford Health held its annual Revive breast cancer survivor retreat on Friday, Oct. 26, near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At the retreat, breast cancer survivor Nicole Phillips from Wisconsin spoke and an expert panel and medical oncologists were present to answer attendee questions.

The retreat is an opportunity for survivors to come together, to gain support and encouragement with those that understand. They also gained an understanding of the future of oncology and learned coping techniques for stress and fatigue.

For cancer patients, fatigue is often a pressing issue that affects many aspects of patients lives. Medical oncologists spoke on maximizing energy levels and battling fatigue. The speakers gave an inspiring yet informational speech and expressed the importance of believing.

This retreat is a great way for survivors to become more informed. They are able to learn more about what they are going through along with bonding with those around them.


Sanford Health has been hosting this breast cancer survivor retreat for six years. Many of the attendees have been coming since the first retreat. For all involved, it’s a great opportunity to meet others and reconnect with old friends.

“This retreat is a great way for me to connect with people that know exactly what I am going through, and have gone through the same things themselves. They all understand,” said one woman.

“I drive all the way down every year for all the friends that I have made here,” another woman said of her three-hour drive. “They offer great support.”

Being with people who understand is a crucial part of being a survivor. Many of the survivors expressed how much the emotional support at this event has helped them make it through the process.

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