Fargo medical center brought to life through philanthropy

Fargo medical center brought to life through philanthropy

Our promise to deliver a flawless experience that inspires is made possible through the spirit of philanthropy. It has been 10 years since Denny Sanford donated a transformational gift of $400 million dollars, which would help make the vision and promise of a new home for health care in the Fargo region come to life. To honor our greatest donor, and one of the nation’s most prominent health care philanthropists, a 13-foot statue stands in front of Sanford Medical Center Fargo of Denny.

Sanford Medical Center Fargo, the newest building, was made possible through countless contributions from people within the community and beyond. There are many named areas dedicated to some of the organization’s greatest supporters, donors and philanthropists. These areas include wings of the hospital, department areas, waiting areas, the chapel and much more:

Bryan and Patricia Smith Wing
As committed individuals to the legacy of health and healing for future generations, the southwest wing of the ICU is named to honor their friendship and support of Sanford heart services and nursing education.

Elmer and Kaya Berg Family Gathering Space
The Berg family has supported and invested in Sanford’s Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Services, Friends of the Family Fund and Community Nursing and Outreach for numerous years, supporting the commitment to health and well-being of the Fargo community. Their space on the first floor atrium celebrates their philanthropic leadership.

Cully’s Cabin
This space on the 9th floor Children’s Hospital was brought to life through the Cullen’s Children’s Foundation, started by Matt and Bridget Cullen. This special area is made for kids to be kids. Its design reflects the North Dakota and Minnesota outdoors as well at Matt’s career in the NHL.

Gate City Bank Family Birth Center Nursery
The nursery is named in honor of Gate City Bank for their generous investment in Sanford’s pediatric oncology program. As well as their commitment to the health and well-being of our region’s children.

Joe and Norma Peltier Chapel
The chapel on the first floor recognizes the faith, friendship and philanthropy Joe and Norma Peltier have given Sanford Health over the years. Their hope is this chapel will bring comfort and peace to those who enter its doors.

Hoffart Gathering Space
Located on the first floor atrium is a gathering space to honor the Hoffarts. Over the years they have brought comfort and peace to patients and families through their generous support of Sanford Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Services.

Kinley and Ava Craig Wing
On Feb. 22, 2014, twin girls, Ava and Kinley, were born nearly four months early. The tiny infants spent the next 128 days in the Sanford Children’s neonatal intensive care unit fighting to survive. For parents Jesse and Mindy, those days were filled with challenges, tears and a constant hope that both girls would soon be home with their two older sisters. Grateful for the specialized care that saved their girls, Jesse and Mindy have generously supported Sanford Children’s in hopes to give all children a healthy, happy start in life.

Marsh & McLennan Agency Gathering Space
The gathering space on the eighth floor is named in recognition of the firm’s generous support that helps support Sanford’s mission.

Marvin and Donna Ward Wing
The Wards have always thought of the Children’s Hospital as an excellent resource for the community and surrounding areas because not every facility can handle the kind of cases Sanford Children’s does. The ability for families to stay close to home, they believe, is very special when it comes to care. The wing on the ninth floor honors their generosity and compassion to children and their families.

Monte and Nola Kjos Family Wing
With a longstanding commitment and dedication to health, their wing in the ICU honors their friendship and philanthropy to Sanford Health.

Moquist Gather Space
On the sixth floor of the hospital, a gathering space honors the family’s support of Sanford. They generously invested in the construction of SMCF and Ronald contributed his time as a member of the Sanford Health Board of Trustees.

Offutt Family Foundation Wing
The northwest wing of the ICU is named to honor the Offutt Foundation’s philanthropic leadership. Their generous investment in Sanford heart services will impact lives for generations to come.

Roers Gathering Space
This space in the atrium is dedicated to Sandra and Jim Roers and celebrates their generous support of Sanford Children’s.

Sanford Medical Center Partners NICU
The partners say their inspiration to give is personal. For many of them, they have been patients at Sanford themselves. Others have had a family member, neighbor or friend at Sanford. The NICU is named to honor their philanthropic legacy. They give their time and talents selflessly to support Sanford, specifically Sanford Children’s.

William and Jane Marcil Family Wing
Jane and William’s granddaughter was born prematurely, placing her in Sanford’s NICU in Fargo. They were very happy with the way she was cared for and in return, invested in the future of medicine in their home state. A wing of the NICU honors the Marcils’ commitment to Sanford Children’s Hospital.

Walmart and Sam’s Club Emergency Department Pediatric Center
This space celebrates these companies’ generosity and support of Sanford Children’s throughout the years by passionately raising awareness through the Children’s Miracle Network.

Donations came in all sorts of shapes and sizes which helped build the new state-of-the-art facility from the ground up; making sure our patients could receive the best medical attention right here in the Fargo region. The hospital covers a 1 million square foot area, providing some of the most advanced health care in the world, would not have been possible without donations from not only Denny Sanford, but more than 21,000 donors as well.

There are many ways you can be a part of giving hope, health and healing for our patients. Through many different campaigns, we are working toward tackling some of today’s most urgent health challenges, supporting many programs, including;  Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, Building Tomorrow Today, Children’s Miracle Network, Cure Kids Cancer, Brave Kids Bold Cures and Guardian Angel.

You can also give by defining a legacy within Sanford. Some of the options for leaving a legacy gift can be made through a will, life income gift, gift annuity, charitable trust or insurance policy. Creating a legacy will ensure your hard work and dedication throughout your life time will be remembered, saving and transforming lives for generations to come. Legacy donors are welcomed in to the Legacy Society, for their commitment to the future of our organization.

Denny’s continuous support of Sanford fuels donors at all levels, asking them to come together and unite behind the mission to continue to improve human condition. To help support the creation of a stronger, healthier future, not only here, but around the world, visit Sanford Health Foundation.

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