Genetic counseling in cancer: Podcast

Genetic counselor Larissa Risty

Genetic counseling is an important tool that can help pinpoint whether hereditary factors may exist among family members and, in the future, determine what kinds of cancer a person might be at a higher risk of getting along with types of screenings that may be most appropriate.

Larissa Risty, senior genetic counselor at Sanford Health, shares information on the importance of these tools, including an example of the Athena screening questionnaire as it relates to breast health.

Another key piece in learning of hereditary factors is that often it can be challenging to talk with family members about sensitive health topics. Learn of simple tips to approach sensitive conversations that can be helpful to learning more about earlier generations of your family.

Learn more about genetic counseling in this podcast edition of “A Better You,” which airs Saturday mornings on KSOO-AM. This program originally aired December 2017.

Sanford Health is one of the largest health care systems in the nation, with 44 hospitals and nearly 300 clinics in nine states and four countries.

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