Cataract patients have options at Sanford Bemidji Eye Center

Advances in intraocular lens technology offer choices for clearer vision

Cataract patients have options at Sanford Bemidji Eye Center

At Sanford Bemidji Eye Center, vision is everything. Which is why ophthalmologists like Ashley Lundin want to make sure patients in Bemidji, Minnesota, and its surrounding areas have crystal clear information.

One particular issue she sees often in older patients is the need for cataract surgery.

“Cataracts are something that all of us get as we get older, where the naturally clear lens in our eye starts to become cloudy. And when that happens, it can cause vision impairment for the patient where they have difficulties performing their activities of daily living or hobbies that they enjoy,” said Dr. Lundin.

Advancements in cataract surgery

Cataract surgery has been around for decades, allowing patients to have their cloudy natural lenses replaced with clear artificial intraocular lenses. But while lenses of the past were only able to focus in the distance, newer multifocal lenses can allow patients to see near for reading as well.

“For patients who are very active and enjoy up close activities like knitting or sewing, fly fishing, tying lures, or spending lots of time with technology like iPads or iPhones, these premium lenses really offer a lot of advantages where they have a good range of vision all the way from far to near. So they can perform all those activities without glasses after surgery,” said Dr. Lundin.

Toric intraocular lenses can also help with astigmatism, allowing better vision for cataract surgery patients than ever before.

Leading the way in rural eye care

The team at the Sanford Bemidji Eye Center prides itself on offering the best options available for each individual patient, with no need to send them to far away clinics or hospitals.

“Believe it or not, we’re on the cutting edge of technology here for cataract surgery in Bemidji,” said Dr. Lundin. “And we’re able to offer all of the latest and greatest options for cataract surgery, including these premium lenses.”

Dr. Lundin says, with the advancements available, choosing the right option for you is more important than ever.

“For people who have a desire to be more independent from their glasses, I would say, absolutely go for these lenses … because this is an investment in your vision,” said Dr. Lundin.

“Once those cataracts are out and a lens is placed, that’s it. It’s a one-and-done deal. And so it’s really important to have that discussion with patients at the time of their evaluation to see what their goals and their desires are for their vision after surgery.”

For cataract patients in Bemidji and across the region, eye care remains an essential part of good health in later life. Luckily for those in need of cataract surgery, the ophthalmologists at Sanford Bemidji Eye Center have the clarity and vision to help with all of their needs.

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