Profile by Sanford launches COVIDAge Calculator

Use this online tool to determine risk of COVID-19 complications

Profile by Sanford and Everist Health have unveiled a new screening system to determine the risk of complications for COVID-19.

The COVIDAge Calculator is an opportunity, says Profile by Sanford chief healthy living expert Stephen Herrmann, “for people to identify their risk of hospitalization, ICU admission and mortality.”

How it works

Herrmann says information like body mass index, smoking habits, blood sugar and cholesterol levels helps identify someone’s “COVID age” and risk of complication.

“All of these health factors play a role, but sometimes it’s complex to understand how. You can plug in the numbers you know; it creates a COVID age. That age will help you place your risk,” he said.

“It’s adjusting your risk based on all those other health factors.”


A look at the COVIDAge Calculator on Profile by Sanford's website.

Identifying risk factors

Herrmann says this calculator can be useful in determining which risk factors someone can control.

“A lot of them are linked to nutrition and diet. For a long-term solution, Profile is able to help build nutrition plans, activity plans and focus on lifestyle behaviors to lower those risk factors for this and other future issues that might arise.”

Herrmann reiterates that Profile by Sanford, part of Sanford Health, and Everist Health, a health technology company, are leading the way on something “that’s never been tried before.”

“What we’re trying to do with Everist Health is simplify some of the complex risk factors out there. So when people have a variety of health conditions, they don’t necessarily understand real well how they interact,” he said.

“How does your A1C (diabetes blood test) interact with your blood pressure, interact with your age, in increasing or decreasing your risk? So, trying to figure out a simple way to do that is really important. And then, what each of those independent risk factors contributes,” Herrmann said.

This tool follows a similar heart age calculator that was unveiled earlier this year by Profile by Sanford and Everist Health. The AngioDefender combines several health markers to give an idea of a person’s overall cardiovascular health.

“Being able to translate that and pivot quickly from general cardiovascular health to COVID-19 risk, is really impressive that they were able to do it so quickly,” Herrmann said.

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