Edith Sanford Breast Center announced

Edith Sanford Breast Center announced

A Personal Journey

At the age of four, philanthropist and Sanford Health namesake, T. Denny Sanford, lost his mother Edith to breast cancer. Today with a $100 million dollar gift from Mr. Sanford, we are honored to launch Edith Sanford Breast Cancer.

This major expansion of Sanford Health’s medical research and clinical care will explore a woman’s genetic code. Edith Sanford Breast Cancer will connect and mobilize women to participate in research. We will raise support to treat and cure breast cancer for future generations. We will decode the genetic make-up of every woman and work to evaluate each woman’s risk, identify best treatments and ultimately end breast cancer.

While Mr. Sanford’s gift helped spur a fundraising effort, Edith Sanford Breast Cancer now relies on you. We ask you to participate in research and raise support so we can treat and cure breast cancer.

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Center

As part of this announcement, Sanford plans to build the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Center, a tower between the existing Sanford Health Cancer Center and the VanDemark building at Sanford Health Medical Center, Sioux Falls. Plans also are underway to expand the Roger Maris Cancer Center at the Sanford Health Medical Center, Fargo.

The Beginnings of the BioBank

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer will house a repository for genetic information from women of all ages, medical histories and backgrounds. This BioBank will collect, process and store genetic samples, a library for researchers to accelerate the pace of research. A common obstacle in health research is when research studies begin. Often researchers study diseases in patients after the disease has developed, by which time many changes have already taken place in the body. But stored samples and health information, both before and after a disease begins, gives researches the chance to understand the how an illness is caused, how to treat that illness and how to prevent it. The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer BioBank will only advance our care, hope and cure.

Learn how this announcement will impact the women in your life.

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