An act of love, not a burden to care for others

Why cancer survivors should not feel like they are a burden.

By: Terri Bentler, BSN, RN, OCN, CN-BN .

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Where did the notion, that we should never be a “burden” to someone, come from?

If you are a parent, did you view your newborn baby as a burden? New parents are awed with the special love they experience when a new baby comes into their lives. They willingly devote themselves to the care of that child and burden is certainly not a word used to describe the experience. It is how we show love and commitment to this new little life.

Why then, when we find ourselves needing love and care, does the idea creep in that our life is a burden to someone we love? In our time of need, what makes us want to deprive those who love us the honor of helping? Is it our pride? Is it selfishness or perfectionism? Do we fear they will grow to resent us? I hear this concern often, after a cancer diagnosis.

It is an act of love to care for others and often paying it forward from the love and care you have shown them. This is not a burden, this is compassion, and an opportunity for others to provide loving service to you.

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