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Tim is a senior communications specialist at Sanford Health. He joined the company in 2012 as a media relations specialist and has also held public relations positions in the athletic departments at Augustana University and Southwest Minnesota State University. Tim can be reached at tim.gerszewski@sanfordhealth.org or 605-312-4340.

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Teen girl with sunglasses uses an e-cigarette device.

Vaping illness: Sanford Health warns against e-cigarettes

Vaping linked to 530 cases of severe lung illness and seven deaths nationwide
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 4 min read
scholarship to veterans: army officer in uniform holding books

$5,000 scholarship available to veterans

Sanford Health is accepting applications until Aug. 31.
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 3 min read
Department of Defense officials give the Pro Patria award to Governor Kristi Noem

Sanford Health honored with Pro Patria Award

Health system recognized for support of military service.
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 3 min read
military deployment: Sanford Medical Center Fargo

Military deployment no longer means cut in pay

Sanford Health to protect employees and families from drop in income while serving country.
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 3 min read
Jared Thomas' military: two men in uniform

Military service preps Guard captain for health care career

"Sanford Health doesn’t have rocket launchers, but the skills I developed managing millions of dollars of equipment were certainly marketable.”
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 6 min read
Brittany Jaehning

How an internal education program is improving patient care

Sanford Health employees encouraged to innovate through personal development.
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 5 min read
Sanford Health website homepage

Sanford Health revamps its website and mobile app

Updates help patients find a doctor, location or answers to common questions related to their care.
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 2 min read
Sanford Lorraine Cross Award

Sanford Lorraine Cross Award finalists to be named Nov. 1

The winner of the $1 million award for innovative research will be announced Dec. 4.
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 7 min read
brad reed in army uniform

Brad Reed: Veteran’s perspective on Fourth of July

“I love the celebration because while the phrase is maybe overused, it’s true: ‘freedom is not free.’”
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 6 min read
veterans skill: 4 images of veterans

Veterans bring special skill set to health care profession

The skills and perspectives veterans and military personnel bring to private industry aren’t lost on organizations like Sanford Health. The health system aims to become the employer, provider and partner of choice for service men and women. Led by retired Navy Capt. Paul Weckman, the Sanford Health Department of Veterans and Military Services is working to […]
Tim Gerszewski Tim Gerszewski 9 min read