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Carson Walker is an innovation specialist at Sanford Health. Reach him at or (605) 312-6667.

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Arielle Selya in her lab

Are e-cigarettes a gateway to smoking?

Sanford Research scientist's findings, plus other Sanford Health research notes
Carson Walker Carson Walker 25 min read
Baby getting checked by a nurse on a table

Innovating is part of Sanford Health’s DNA

Employee ideas wanted, from big to small: "Innovation is just solving problems."
Carson Walker Carson Walker 16 min read
DTSF Sanford Acute Care Clinic

New health care clinics located near home and work

Sanford Health offers expanded hours and 24-hour options for patients.
Carson Walker Carson Walker 11 min read
Physician assistant Brenda Vis and Andy Munce, Vice President of Nursing & Clinical Services

Brenda Vis has dedicated career to Rock Rapids area health

PA Brenda Vis looks forward to practicing in the new Sanford Rock Rapids clinic.
Carson Walker Carson Walker 6 min read
chips in slots

Genetic testing process: From blood sample to digitized DNA

How robots and humans use DNA to help people make smarter health decisions.
Carson Walker Carson Walker 14 min read
Danyell and Sophie Skillman in front of the Grand Canyon

Wisdom Study leads woman to breast cancer gene discovery

'It becomes less about me and more about my family or more about my kids and wanting to watch them live a long, healthy life.'
Carson Walker Carson Walker 7 min read

Breast reconstruction during mastectomy surgery

'I went to sleep with breast cancer and woke up with new breasts and no cancer.'
Carson Walker Carson Walker 11 min read
Brittany Chapin and general surgeon Dr. Kelly Ming

Surgery in her town helps mom see new baby as she heals

And access to Sanford Health medical centers means advanced care is also nearby.
Carson Walker Carson Walker 5 min read
couple holding hands

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise

Birth control options in the age of Tinder, one clinic's mission and tips for parents
Carson Walker Carson Walker 10 min read
Dr. George Angelos with his family

States in Sanford Health territory top for physicians

Some of the best states for doctors to practice medicine include Sanford Health’s core territory, according to a national organization that provides credit information to consumers. “Sioux Falls (South Dakota) is just like Long Island. It has as many, if not more, amenities with much less traffic and much nicer people,” said George Angelos, M.D., […]
Carson Walker Carson Walker 8 min read
Helen Brunner

Advance directive: From pajamas to end-of-life decisions

"Those easier kinds of questions then lead us down the road to what does it mean to have a quality of life."
Carson Walker Carson Walker 6 min read
veterans club rooms in medical centers

Sanford Health Veterans Clubs open in Fargo and Sioux Falls

Sanford Health will unveil next week Veterans Clubs at its medical centers in Fargo, North Dakota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that will give military vets and their families a dedicated place to grab a cup of coffee and meet others who have served their country. The clubs are part of the organization’s efforts to […]
Carson Walker Carson Walker 6 min read
Trucker giving thumbs up

Regulations, diet, time away from family all stress truckers

Over-the-road truckers often suffer from ill health, pressure from regulations and time away from family that lead them to a higher-than-normal use of anti-depressants, according to a Sanford Health doctor who helped research the issue. Jolene Mitchell, D.O., M.O.H., sees tractor-trailer operators in her office every day as medical director for Sanford Health Occupational and […]
Carson Walker Carson Walker 6 min read