Sanford World Clinic locations in Africa accredited

"The SafeCare award gives us the assurance that we're on the right track to quantifying quality processes."

By: Sanford Health News .

SafeCare award given to Sanford World Clinic
SafeCare award given to Sanford World Clinic
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The international agency SafeCare, which accredits organizations for improving patient care, has awarded two Sanford World Clinic locations in the African country of Ghana its second-to-highest level of care.

The Kasoa and Cape Coast clinics were awarded a level 4 certification at a program held recently at the clinic in Kasoa.

“The SafeCare award gives us the assurance that we’re on the right track to quantifying quality processes.¬†The award reinforces the need to create internal systems that modify employee behaviour towards the improvement of patient outcomes,” said Kojo Taylor, president of Sanford World Clinic-Ghana.

Citi Newsroom, one of the largest newspapers in Ghana, ran a feature story and photos on the announcement. Daily Graphic, the largest newspaper in the country, published a story and image in its print edition.

According to SafeCare, organizations rise on the accreditation process for having a proven track record of continuous quality improvement, are in substantial compliance with the SafeCare stand­ards and meet the decision rules for accreditation by an independent organization.

A division of Sanford Health, the Sanford World Clinic initiative was born in 2007 from the idea that all people have the right to quality health care. The SWC team is constantly exploring opportunities and partnerships, enabling them to impact health care around the globe. This has led to research portals, educational hubs and permanent, sustainable health care in areas with limited access to care.

As part of the initiative, Sanford Health now has clinics, facilities and partnerships in nine countries: Ghana, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Vietnam and underserved areas of the United States in Oklahoma, California and Oregon.

Starting in 2012, Sanford Health established a relationship with the Ghana Ministry of Health and continues to work with the government to provide quality health care and related technology close to home. All locations in Ghana are outpatient facilities that provide consulting, IV hydration, maternity care, wound care, health education, telemedicine, laboratory and pharmacy services. Sanford Health owns and operates five Ghana clinics but works with the government to consult on numerous other clinics.

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