Sanford Project Advisory Council discusses health issues

The goal of the Sanford Project is to resolve one of the most pressing health issues of our day. This is one of four initiatives outlined by Sanford Health after a tremendous gift of $400 million by Mr. Denny Sanford in February 2007. Today, the Sanford Project Advisory Council met to provide insight to help Sanford Health choose a health issue.

Thirteen individuals participated in today’s dialogue with representatives from Sanford Health and Battelle Technology, an independent consulting firm hired to identify the selection process. Each member of the Sanford Project Advisory Council was chosen based on their broad andapplicable knowledge in the worlds of health research, disease and translational medicine.

The Sanford Project Advisory Council discussed four potential health issues:

  • Lupus – Curing Lupus by enabling the effective targeting of existing and new therapeutics using individualized medicine approaches
  • Type 1 Diabetes – Curing Type 1 Diabetes through beta cell regeneration and transplantation
  • HPV – Curing human papillomavirus (HPV) related diseases through development of a therapeutic vaccine
  • Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis – Advancing the treatment of pediatric Multiple Sclerosis by repurposing adult therapies using molecular pharmacology and biomarker research.

Sanford Health will announce which one of these health issues will be the focus of the Sanford Project on June 6.

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