Sanford opens simulation training center

Sanford Health is opening a new training center for employees that will pioneer a new method of simulation-based learning in healthcare for the region.

The new Sanford Simulation Center will allow Sanford employees to use the newest high-tech methods to receive hands-on training in a safe, no-risk environment. By utilizing a combination of task trainers, mannequin simulators and standardized patients, Sanford employees will have a chance to learn new skills and improve the process, accuracy and delivery of every aspect of patient care.

“The center will help prepare Sanford staff to offer exceptional care by providing practice in the latest techniques, treatments and collaborative problem solving methods,” said Becky Nelson, Sanford Health Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “This state-of-the art training facility will also be used for cutting-edge research into how simulation-based learning can impact clinical judgment, interdisciplinary collaboration and patient outcomes.”

Two simulation suites, two high-tech debriefing rooms and a multi-faceted task trainer room make up the 2,400 square-foot facility located at the Sanford Health Center for Learning in the Sanford Stevens Center.

The Sanford Simulation Center will also be made available in the future to community members, such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians and first responders as well as other organizations and companies that have simulated learning needs.

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