Sanford Health opens stem cell trial for arthritis patients

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Dec. 8, 2021 — Sanford Health announced today a groundbreaking stem cell trial, expanding the use of adult-adipose derived stem cells in the use of osteoarthritis across five joints.

The clinical trial, called the ENDURE trial, is the first of its kind study. Males and females, over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in the wrist, knee, ankle, shoulder or hip are eligible to participate in the study. The study is regulated through the Food and Drug Administration and the cells are tested for quality and safety prior to injection.

“Sanford Health and our talented team of researchers have worked diligently to find a way to help heal our patients with joint pain,” said David A. Pearce, PhD, president of Sanford Research, Innovation and World Clinic. “These patients aren’t able to do the kinds of everyday activities they love, whether it’s playing catch with their kids, golfing or going for a bike ride. We want to help them get back to enjoying what matters most to them and cherishing every moment without pain interrupting their life.”

During the ENDURE trial, Sanford will collect data and patient reported outcomes. With support from the FDA, it means that Sanford is able to offer the expanded use of these stem cells, while keeping patient safety the number one priority.

“It can be extremely challenging to conduct a placebo controlled, randomized clinical trial on every indication in orthopedics,” said Tiffany Facile, director of Sanford Health’s clinical regenerative medicine program. “We are offering this clinical trial for five orthopedic joints while following rigorous protocols and regulations to demonstrate to our patients and the stem cell industry that it is possible to provide safe access to tested therapies.”

Sanford continues to be a leader in regenerative medicine and orthopedic research. This trial is the first FDA-permitted trial that allows for stem cell treatment in five joints.

“We are at a tipping point in medicine when it comes to using our own bodies to health ourselves,” said Dr. Pearce.” Through this study, we are changing the way patients view pain and treatment options.”

The study is currently open at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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