Bismarck family thankful for maternal fetal medicine care

Bismarck family thankful for maternal fetal medicine care

BISMARCK, N.D. — Amber and Coridon Huez are the proud parents of two healthy boys, Coridon II and Parker. Coridon II is 5 years old and just started kindergarten. Parker is almost 2 years old and keeps himself busy by walking, talking and getting into just about everything. However, the Huez’s journey to get here hasn’t been as enjoyable as many people may envision.

“Coridon was born two months premature,” said Amber Huez.

Because Coridon was born premature, when Amber found out she was pregnant with their second child, she was required to see a maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialist in addition to her OB/GYN. The couple was living in Connecticut at the time and Amber was able to quickly find an MFM specialist who was at the same hospital as her OB/GYN.

“When you’re told you have to see an MFM usually it’s not under the best of circumstances,” Amber said. “There’s either a complication that was detected in a pregnancy or maybe because you’ve had a really rough road during previous pregnancies.”

Amber’s MFM specialist met with her roughly every two weeks and monitored her regularly during her second pregnancy. Unfortunately, the couple’s second pregnancy ended at 20 weeks. Amber had a second trimester loss due to a partial placental abruption.

During Amber’s third pregnancy with Parker, she was again monitored closely by her MFM provider in Connecticut in addition to her OB/GYN. Parker was born premature at 36 weeks, but Amber delivered him with no complications.

“Parker is definitely a success story and we love him so much,” Amber said.

In December 2016, the family moved from Connecticut to Bismarck, North Dakota. A few months later the Huezes found out they were pregnant again. Amber was nervous at first because she knew Bismarck didn’t have an MFM provider. Just a few weeks later, she found out about Ana Tobiasz, M.D., an MFM specialist who would be joining Sanford Bismarck in the summer of 2017.

“Once I found out that an MFM was coming to Bismarck, it alleviated so much unnecessary stress for me,” Amber said. “When you actually have to see an MFM it’s tough, you know, because there’s already some type of obstacle that is put in your place, so having access to a service like this in our community is huge.”

Dr. Tobiasz provides advanced care and support for patients like Amber who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies, along with providing a wide range of advanced diagnostic testing, genetic counseling, treatment services, consultation and high-risk obstetric care, labor and delivery, and neonatal care planning. She is one of two MFM specialists in North Dakota.

“I think about the moms who are in Dickinson or Watford City, or Minot — having to drive hours to Fargo just to see an MFM. Now with an MFM in Bismarck, that probably cuts their drive in half if not more,” Amber said.

She’s seeing Dr. Tobiasz every two weeks and is extremely happy with the care and compassion Dr. Tobiasz has for her patients.

“The first thing she did when she met with me was make eye contact with me, and she said I want to know about you. I’ve never felt like she was pressed for time and never once does she look at the clock or her watch. She listens and answers your questions. She’s fabulous,” Amber said.

The family is excited and anxious to meet their new family member. Amber is due in February 2018.

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