Good Samaritan Society grants represent community needs

More than $18,000 in Social Accountability Grants help schoolchildren to seniors

Elementary school kids with backpacks running into school, back view. Social accountability grants at Good Samaritan provided backpacks to kids in three states.

At Good Samaritan Society – Boise Village there was a need within the city of Boise for shelter for the homeless.

Via seed money supplied through a Social Accountability Grant from the Good Samaritan Society, a homeless mission in the city was on its way to providing additional shelter for those who did not have it.

“We’ve had a few of those over the years where our little grant, coupled with local fundraising, has either provided specific shelters or has helped local shelters provide housing for people in need,” said Greg Wilcox, vice president of Mission Integration and senior pastor. “Those kinds of things are often part of these little grants.”

The Society’s Social Accountability Committee awarded nine projects recently. These grants were sponsored by Good Samaritan Society locations in the amount of $18,600 to help in their communities.

Addressing hunger, homelessness, senior needs

The grants represent a variety of efforts within the Good Samaritan Society locations.

For instance, in Tyndall, South Dakota, the Good Samaritan Society community received $2,500 for backpacks for school children.

At Good Samaritan Society – Mountain Home in Arkansas, they received $1,800 for iPads for seniors.

“IPads have been very helpful with communicating during the pandemic to connect them with family and friends,” Wilcox said.

At Good Samaritan Society – Northwest Kansas, they asked for lock boxes for homebound seniors so they keep their medications safe.

“Almost all the grants are related to homelessness, hunger and/or seniors,” Wilcox said. “It’s about the idea of community benefit and demonstrating your non-profit status worthiness. We’re not just helping seniors, though that’s the focus of our mission at Good Samaritan Society. We’re also broadly interested in the community and trying to help people in need.”

Social Accountability Grants awarded

The committee chose the following projects:

  • Good Samaritan Society – Mountain Home in Mountain Home, Arkansas: $1,800 Cyber Seniors Reconnecting the Spaces
  • Good Samaritan Society – Tyndall in Tyndall, South Dakota: $2,500 Backpack Program
  • Good Samaritan Society – NW Kansas Home Care in St. Francis, Kansas: $2,500 Lock Boxes
  • Good Samaritan Society – Oakes in Oakes, North Dakota: $1,000 Backpack Program
  • Good Samaritan Society – Northwood Retirement Community in Jasper, Indiana: $1,300 Meals for Home Bound Seniors
  • Good Samaritan Society – Ambassador in New Hope, Minnesota: $2,500 KidPack
  • Good Samaritan Society – Red Oak in Red Oak, Iowa: $2,000 Back to School Shoe Drive
  • Good Samaritan Society – Boise Village in Boise, Idaho: $2,500 Harsh Weather Supply Drive for the Homeless
  • Good Samaritan Society – Willow Wind in Prescott, Arizona: $2,500 Tennies for Tots

“We hope the seed money we provide helps begin a lasting effort that will go on from year to year,” Wilcox said. “It will include people continuing in their involvement with these programs and will be coupled with volunteers who are Good Samaritan Society staff members who will continue to be involved with these programs and projects. They’ll be part of our face to the community.”

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