Nate Malloy: ‘Profile changes lives’

Meet an early leader of Sanford weight loss & health coaching business

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Nate Malloy is the vice president of Profile by Sanford. Here, he shares his background in law and entrepreneurship, conveys his passion for working with franchisees and highlights a new program launched by Profile this fall.

College golfer to business litigator

Malloy grew up in a small town in the north-central region of Iowa. After graduating from Clarion-Goldfield High School, he enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa, 90 minutes east in Cedar Falls. While there, he pursued business administration and competed on the golf team.

“After my freshman year, which was probably the best year I had playing golf in my life, I was set to go to the PGA Tour. That was my plan,” he said.

Instead, Malloy entered law school at the University of Kansas. Having graduated in 2004, he returned to Goldfield and joined the family business: a law firm. Many years of business litigation behind him, both in Goldfield and at his own practice in Des Moines, Malloy sought out a new pursuit: franchising.

Franchising a fitness business

Franchising drew him in — people were “in business for themselves but not by themselves.”

Malloy joined some friends to create a new fitness business. He began as their attorney and ended up a partner. At first, he split time between the law firm and franchising, though spending 50 hours a week doing each was hardly splitting time. He knew he needed to make a choice.

“Working in the wellness industry didn’t feel like a job,” he said. “It felt like helping people. It was an opportunity to do something that I truly loved.”

Choosing the franchise was an easy decision save for one thing: Malloy would be leaving a business that his grandfather created and his father carried on. Still, his family showed a great deal of support.

Eventually, he and his partners sold their franchise concept to Snap Fitness in Minneapolis, where Malloy and his family then moved. He spent a year transitioning their concept into Snap.

Joining Profile

One night, Malloy met up with his law school friend, president of Sanford Fargo Nate White, at a Minnesota Timberwolves game. White was attending the game with Sanford Health President and CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft.

During the game, Krabbenhoft and White shared their franchise concept for what they were calling the Sanford Diet.

“I think by the end of the game they had half convinced me to move to Sioux Falls,” Malloy said.

In December 2012, they introduced him to Profile by Sanford.

“I loved the idea, loved the concept,” he said. “You would think that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, and it would be easy to combine them into one business. But for whatever reason, it’s really tough. It was really exciting to see that potential at Profile.

“That, along with the passion that I could see in the team at Sanford Health, starting with Kelby but also the rest of the corporate leadership team, it felt like a unique opportunity.”

Daily life as VP

As vice president, Malloy focuses on two things: ensuring the right team is in place inside Profile and building relationships to enhance future growth with franchisees outside of Sanford.

Malloy loves working in a startup environment like the one at Profile.

“I enjoy operating a little bit in the unknown and pushing things when they’re 70 to 80 percent complete instead of waiting until it’s all the way perfect,” he said.

Beyond that, he takes great interest in following franchisees closely, examining their successes and challenges and finding ways that solutions can be applied to all owners.

New program: Profile MOM

Malloy takes pride in the improvements made to the Profile plan over the course of its existence.

“What we do is change people’s lives through our program,” Malloy said.

The growth of the franchise has been incredible. Profile has sold about 500 licenses in a matter of 12 months.

“There are very few brands that have sold as many licenses as we have — and certainly not in such a short time,” says Malloy. He says, “I credit that all to the success that our members have on this program, combined with our vision for what this company is going to do.”

Looking to the future, Malloy will continue to help new and existing franchisees become successful.

He also is proud of the rollout of the new Profile MOM program this fall. Developed by Chief Medical Officer and OB/GYN Allison Suttle, it’s a plan intended for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

“I think it’s a game-changer,” Malloy said. “There’s nothing else out there like it.”

Along the way, Malloy has picked up a number of lessons. One stands out in particular: “The leadership is accessible, and take advantage of that. Don’t wait for someone to talk to you. Be proactive, and tell your story.”

Get to know Nate Malloy


Malloy earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Northern Iowa and a law degree from the University of Kansas.


Malloy and his wife, Jill, have three children: Kaeden, 12; Kennedy, 10; and Kylan, 7. (Their dog, Kinnick, also follows the naming trend.) His wife works in the direct-sales business.


Malloy and his family enjoy traveling or just spending time together. The kids participate in athletics — basketball, football, baseball, gymnastics.

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