Concussions and sports medicine: Podcast

Concussions and sports medicine: Podcast

In the competitive world of athletics, the quest to go faster and jump higher makes athletes perform at a level never-before thought of. At these levels, athletes can be at increased risks for injury and concussions.

Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is one of the largest providers of sports medicine expert care to athletes and teams. Concussions are part of what these highly skilled experts are also trained to look for in keeping athletes safe.

In this program, Donella Herman, M.D., and Kate Higgins, Psy.D., discuss the important role of sports medicine and concussion treatment protocols.

You can learn more about concussions and sports medicine care at Sanford Health in this podcast edition of “A Better You,” which airs Saturday mornings on KSOO-AM.

This program originally aired in February 2018.

Sanford Health is one of the largest health care systems in the nation, with 44 hospitals and nearly 300 clinics in nine states and four countries.

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