Emma, Oliver top baby names of 2018 at Sanford Health

Organization recorded 9,537 births in the last fiscal year across its hospitals.

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –- For the second consecutive year, Emma was the most popular name for newborn girls at Sanford Health. For boys, Oliver topped the list of most popular names for 2018.

Emma holds on to the top spot after ranking first in 2015 and third in 2016. Oliver did not rank in the top five for boys names across the health system in 2017. Jackson, the most popular name for a baby boy in 2017, did not return to the top five list for 2018.

The top-five baby names for 2018 for the girls and boys born at Sanford Health:


  1. Emma
  2. Harper
  3. Ava
  4. Evelyn
  5. Avery


  1. Oliver
  2. Liam
  3. Owen
  4. Henry
  5. Hudson

Those vary slightly from the parenting pregnancy resource BabyCenter’s list for 2018, though there is some cross-over on both tallies:


  1. Sophia
  2. Olivia
  3. Emma
  4. Ava
  5. Isabella


  1. Jackson
  2. Liam
  3. Noah
  4. Aiden
  5. Caden

Sanford Health, which recorded 9,537 births in the last fiscal year, has birthing locations and pregnancy services at several of its locations.

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