10 ways to have a happy, healthy Halloween

You can avoid trick-or-treating during COVID-19 while still having fun

A grandfather smiles while carving pumpkins with two grandchildren.

Halloween looks a little different this year because of the ongoing pandemic, but it doesn’t have to be boring. With these 10 ideas, your Halloween can still be happy while keeping everyone healthy.

1. Have a themed scavenger hunt. Inside or outside, scavenger hunts are a great way to celebrate and surprise your friends and family with tricks or treats.

2. Paint your own pumpkins. Get a few mini pumpkins and some paint from the store, and get creative! Finger paint or use paint brushes, and see who can make the silliest face.

3. Tuck in for movie night. Throw some popcorn in a bowl and cozy up with the family to watch your favorite Halloween or fall-themed movie.

4. Go on a creature hunt. Attach googly eyes to different fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Use the ABC’s of Snacks Poster, and see if you can find all the creatures and what they’re called.

5. Start a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. Turn out the lights and get started! Use mini glow sticks inside of plastic eggs or glow-in-the-dark bracelets in the shape of an egg, and hide them around the house. The person with the most eggs gets a spooky treat!

6. Make a spooky pizza. This pairs perfectly with movie night. Make homemade pizzas and use toppings to make a jack-o’-lantern face on your pizza! Mushrooms can be used as eyes, or cherry tomatoes for the nose. Get creative!

7. Find the hidden treasure. Pirate themed party, anyone? Create clues and scatter them around the house or yard. At the end, the kids will be led to a treasure like a small toy or a treat bag.

8. Make snacks that will give you chills. Get everyone in the kitchen and make a few spooky snacks. Grab a string cheese and a marker, and draw a ghost face on the wrapper. Take fruit cups or clementines and draw jack-o’-lantern faces on them. Set up your ghoulish snacks and enjoy them while you play or spend time together.

9. Create a spooky spider. Get some black construction paper and fold it in half. Trace four fingers on the folded end of the paper, and cut out what you just traced. Unfold it, put some googly eyes on it, and you’ve got your own spider!

10. Become a fortune teller for the night. Use our fit Fortune Teller and read your healthy fortunes. Just print, cut, and fold for a night of fun!

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