How to make simple dreamcatcher art

By: Sanford Health News .

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This dreamcatcher art project is a favorite among patients at Sanford Health’s cancer centers. It allows the artist to make their work as simple or complex as they desire. This tutorial was developed by McCal Johnson, art specialist at Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, North Dakota.

Art materials needed:

  • Strips of fabric (try different patterns and colors)
  • Strips of colored lace
  • 10-inch embroidery hoop
  • Doily
  • Assorted beads
  • Thin gold wire
  • String

Step 1: Preparing the hoop

  • 1a: Select three to five strips of fabric to wind around the hoop. Select one fabric for your hanger, and the remainder will serve as your fabric “dream tendrils.”
  • 1b: Wind the fabric around the hoop twice, then start to wind it around the hoop pulling in a direction so that the cloth covers the hoop. Stretch the fabric as much to the side while winding so as to cover as much of bare hoop as you can. When one piece of fabric ends, begin a new one on top, holding down the loose end. Continue this until the hoop is covered. Any extra fabric may continue to wrap until it ends.
  • 1c: Once the hoop is covered, tie the longer piece of thin gold wire to secure the loose end.

Step 2: Tying the doily in place

  • 2a: Laying the hoop on a flat surface, place the doily in the middle of your hoop. Take your string and tie one end to an edge of your doily. Once secure, wrap the string around the hoop and back through the next corner of the doily, wrapping it again around the hoop. Pull/tighten the string to secure the doily in place, while keeping the doily in the center of your hoop. It is normal to have some space between the doily and the hoop. (Do not overtighten.)
  • 2b: Continue this until your doily is fully secure in the middle of the hoop. When your string is wrapped all the way around and meets your first knot, wave it back through that first edge of the doily and knot in place. Your doily should be fully secured to the hoop, not too tight not too loose.

Step 3: Fabric strip “dream tendrils”

  • 3a: Take your remaining fabric strips and tie them onto your hoop placing shorter strips more near the top and longer strips towards or on the bottom.

Step 4: Beads

  • 4a: String larger beads on fabric/lace strip near the bottom of your dreamcatcher. String the smaller beads on the doily using thin gold wire pieces.

Step 5: Hanging string

  • 5a: Tie the hanging string to the top of the hoop. You can use either a piece of fabric or extra string.

Step 6: Finishing touches for your dreamcatcher

  • 6a: Cut off any unwanted loose, uneven ends of fabric on the dream tendrils. Or if you prefer a more bohemian feel you can leave them uneven lengths.

Tada! Your beautiful unique and handmade dreamcatcher is born! Hang on your favorite wall, next to a plant, over your bed or wherever your heart desires.


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