Fargo nurse lives out long-time passion for care

RN Laura Tuinstra saw early role models in nurses who cared for her family

Laura Tuinstra knew she wanted to become a nurse when she was just 12 years old.

It was through her brother’s cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment where she saw what being a caregiver really means.

“I’ve always been an empathetic person and knew that I wanted to get in a field where I could help people and make a difference,” Tuinstra said. “So, I knew nursing was always what I had wanted to do. Just having that compassion foundation and kind of seeing the nurses in the hospital cancer unit really hit home for me.”

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Tuinstra is Fargo born, Fargo raised and has been a nurse for just under four years. Currently, she’s a nurse care manager at Sanford West Fargo Clinic in North Dakota. Prior to this role, she was in ambulatory triage.

She’s driven by a strong desire to make a difference and says if she can make a positive impact on someone’s life, big or small, that’s a win.

“It feels good to kind of be recognized for the day-to-day work that we do. It does make a difference for our patients,” she said. “Having that compassion for care goes a long way. To have that recognition is great, and knowing that I’m offering that to the patients and to my co-workers especially during this time that we’re in right now.”

While the health care industry faces ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Tuinstra is thankful to have such a rewarding career.

“It gives me a purpose and motivates me to continue learning and growing.”

At Sanford Health, we’re celebrating the International Year of the Nurse through 2021 by honoring our nurses’ unique calling, compassion and commitment to patient and resident care.

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