Veteran in South Dakota grateful for Sanford Chip DNA test

Sgt. Jenny Holzer found cancer risk, reaction to certain medicines in her genes

Two Veterans pose for a photo in their uniforms.

Sanford Health supports veterans down to their DNA.

Right now, Sanford Imagenetics is offering the Sanford Chip DNA test at no cost to veterans who have a primary care provider and My Sanford Chart. The test is paid for by the Sanford Health Foundation through a charitable gift designed to help veterans receive genetic testing. The test allows doctors to prescribe medications with added precision and more.

Why sign up?

Sgt. Jenny Holzer is an Army combat engineer with the 200th Engineer Company. The Mitchell, South Dakota, resident has served for 18 years. Her husband, Sgt. 1st Class Kelly Holzer, also serves in the same company that drills in Chamberlain.

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“The reason I wanted to do the Sanford Chip is my dad passed away of colon cancer about eight years ago. His sister actually passed away too at a young age,” Sgt. Holzer said.

Sgt. Holzer wanted to know if she had some of the same genetic dispositions.

She says it was easy to sign up. Sgt. Holzer did it by logging into her My Sanford Chart. Before she knew it, the veteran was on her way for a lab test at one of the Sanford lab locations.

“Went to the Sanford lab and they pulled it right up. Got my blood drawn. Got the process started. Very simple process,” Sgt. Holzer said.

Medications to avoid

The information she received is providing her a good base for the future.

“More than a handful of medications that might not work with me. Some of them I look at now and I’m like, yeah, I took that for nausea. That did not work. I can see why that didn’t work now,” Sgt. Holzer said.

She did find out she carries the same risk factors for colon cancer as her father. It means she’ll be paying close attention to her health.

“Maybe you should do colonoscopies every so often to try to prevent something from happening,” Sgt. Holzer said.

Thankful for Sanford Health

The veteran is grateful the test was painless and provided at no cost.

“It’s just awesome that Sanford is able to give this benefit to veterans. Very thankful for that,” Sgt. Holzer said.

If you’re interested in the Sanford Chip DNA Test for veterans, sign up at Sanford Imagenetics.

Disclaimer: The Sanford Chip is a laboratory-developed test that is not required to be reviewed by the FDA. Your Sanford Health provider orders the test and receives the results.

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