How a change of plans led to a great leader

Jamie Stucky capitalized on her opportunities and embraced change, leading her to various careers.

Jamie Stucky knew she wanted to be a Sanford Health nurse from the start of her clinical experience as a nursing student in the critical care department. Everything about her experience at Sanford Health amazed her — from the nurses to the facility.

“Even though adult critical care wasn’t where I wanted to work, I knew I wanted to be a Sanford nurse,” Stucky said.

She started working in the neonatal intensive care unit 13 years ago but most of her experience has been in ambulatory clinics and nursing administration roles.

Now, as a lead RN (registered nurse) clinical educator, she helps develop the education curriculum for incoming and current Sanford Health employees. Though she initially thought she would take a clinical path and become a nurse practitioner, Stucky enjoys the shift to the education department.

“I love that working at Sanford has opened up career opportunities,” she said. Stucky has worked in multiple different positions, from direct patient care to administrative roles and then on to education, and has gained wisdom from every one.

“Over time, I have found that the experience I have gained in my previous positions has been advantageous within the education world,” she said. For example, by working as a nurse, she saw how the day-to-day world plays out and draws on that to provide education that’s applicable.

Opportunities for innovation

Stucky is constantly looking at how to do things differently.

She said her degree in health service administration gives her a different perspective from her colleagues because she looks at different angles on how to deliver education. She is always looking for a way to provide a better experience for those working at Sanford Health.

Stucky doesn’t just improve her workplace, but also gives back to the community. She has organized a holiday give-back where her department sponsors a family for Christmas and coached someone on how to do it when her role changed.

“It really demonstrates the value of family within our Sanford team and makes me proud to work here,” she said.

“I love working at Sanford Health. I talk with new employees about how great it is to work at Sanford with every time I meet with them. “

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