Employee relations specialist advocates for fairness

"I'm grateful to work for an organization that has the same values as I do."

Tara-Lynn Kelsch

As an employee relations specialist at Sanford Health in Bismarck, North Dakota, Tara-Lynn Kelsch has met several challenging situations head on. In this role, she guides communication between employees and leaders to ensure everyone is being treated fairly and objectively, and that the communication between the two parties is appropriate.

However, even though the job has its challenges, she enjoys advocating for her fellow employees and helping mediate any conflicts. Kelsch joined Sanford Health 4 1/2 years ago as a recruiter, and as part of this role, she has assisted with employee relations. This was always a facet of her role that she enjoyed, so when an employee relations specialist role became available in the Bismarck region, Kelsch jumped at the opportunity.

“I think it’s great that I get to work with a diverse group of people,” she said. “I’m grateful that I work with every level of our employee groups. It’s never the same every day and I learn a great deal from everyone. I know what I do is valued and important and I’m glad that Sanford sees the importance of this role.”

Was a patient first

Before joining the organization, Kelsch had been a patient and had always had a great experience, which helped her to know that Sanford Health would be a good fit for her as an employer.

“I’m grateful to work for an organization that has the same values as I do. Not only does Sanford have these values, but they encourage their employees to live these values and to be committed to them. Here at Sanford, we live and breathe them every day,” she said.

However, this isn’t the only reason Kelsch enjoys her job. She loves the team she works with and that she’s able to work with employees and leaders daily, work toward positive outcomes and assist with teaching moments. She also enjoys some of the small moments she has witnessed during her time here.

“I enjoy seeing our clinical staff involved with patients in beautiful moments of kindness and caring,” Kelsch said. “These moments have helped me see why we’re here as an organization. I’m grateful to have witnessed these moments and proud to know I work with this team. We do great work here — every day. If someone needs health care services, this is where to come. If someone wants to work at a really great place that supports their employees, this is the place to work.”

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