Sanford Health deploys COVID-19 mobile testing lab

The unit can head to hot spots and process tests on-site in an hour

A Sanford Health truck contains a mobile testing laboratory for COVID-19

The latest tool against the novel coronavirus pandemic is being used today. A mobile testing laboratory for COVID-19 from Sanford Health administers and processes tests in emerging high-need areas.

The mobile testing unit is equipped with the laboratory technologies to process COVID-19 tests on-site, with results completed in one hour. The unit can be deployed to potential hot spots to expedite testing and results, which has proven to give health officials an advantage in containing the spread of the illness.

“Getting this testing unit created and properly outfitted in the latest of laboratory technologies in such a short amount of time has been a tremendous undertaking,” said Rochelle Odenbrett, senior executive director for Sanford Laboratories. “Testing and timely results are a huge part of the fight against COVID-19, and we’re glad to have this new advancement.”

The first usage of the mobile laboratory is May 8 at Sanford Worthington Clinic in Minnesota, where more than 100 local residents who work with the older adults population will be tested for COVID-19.

Equipping the truck was done in conjunction with Cepheid, a molecular diagnostics company. The truck will also serve as a mobile phlebotomy unit, where samples for antibody tests will be collected, to help determine if individuals have previously had COVID-19.

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