How long is it OK for a baby to cry?

Why babies cry and what you can do about it.

Your baby can cry for a lot of different reasons, which is completely normal. This is how they communicate their needs.

Normal newborns can cry up to two hours a day, but some may cry for longer – usually late in the evenings. If your baby cries more than two hours a day, it’s a good idea to have your baby evaluated to make sure everything is ok.

Some of the primary reason babies cry is when they are hungry, wet, cold or overstimulated. And each of these situations will elicit a different kind of cry from babies. Moms usually learn to decipher within the first few weeks which cry means what.

So how do you soothe a crying baby? First, make sure your baby is not hungry, has a clean diaper and is warm enough. Remember that newborns spend nine months inside mom’s uterus, which is a warm, confined space. Swaddling is a great method to mimic the environment inside the womb. Other soothing techniques include pacifiers, changing the baby’s position and white noise.

A crying baby can sometimes be frustrating and exhausting for sleep-deprived parents. But it’s important to take precautions to keep your baby safe at all times.

Don’t force your baby to eat. If babies are fed, dry and warm, it’s ok to put them in their crib – even if they are crying. It’s ok to step away and take a break to calm yourself.

Most importantly, never ever shake a baby. Frustrated parents sometimes get so upset that they briefly shake their baby, which can be life altering for the baby. If you’ve tried all the above tips, and are hitting a wall, it’s ok to put them in the crib alone or ask somebody for help.

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