She was given 5 years to live — almost 15 years ago

Darlene Kloeppner continues to defy odds after 2005 cancer diagnosis

Cancer survivor Darlene Kloeppner, seated, wears a neck brace while talking with her doctor in an exam room.

Despite being given only five years to live after her cancer diagnosis in 2005, Darlene Kloeppner keeps defying the odds — with a thankful heart and positive outlook.

She knew something was wrong when she broke her femur and not only got an X-ray of her leg but also of her chest.

Her doctors at Sanford Health ultimately diagnosed her with multiple myeloma. About 20% of multiple myeloma patients live more than five years after their diagnosis.

But with medications and chemotherapy at Sanford Bemidji Joe Lueken Cancer Center, Kloeppner did live five years. Then six. Then seven. Now fourteen.

“I’ve always loved life, love being a mother, love being a grandma even better,” she said. “You know, I don’t want to miss any of that.”

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